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Miniature Massive was first envisioned as a global, open source model - free of four walls.
We believe every big begins small and though we are the people who birthed the concept, we have been working fervently - to teach this bird how to fly, on her own.

Join in.

Justin Adam

Principal, Creative Director

As a former pro baseball player, I’ve always been driven to inspire and excite. I inject that same passion and drive into my role as lead storyteller through my work as a filmmaker, musician and graphic designer.

Today I run Miniature Massive, a boutique-marketing agency specializing in helping clients bring their unique stories to life through impactful design and advertising. I’m also a bit of a tech geek and love to leverage the latest in marketing technology to help clients cut through the noise.

Much of my approach to storytelling is rooted in my ability to use my imagination and visualize what I want to achieve. But success is never mine alone. I’m at my best when I collaborate with others and gain the most satisfaction in seeing those around me succeed. I’ve always relied heavily on my strong sense of conviction and an unwavering belief in myself. As a child, I recall telling my parents that I’d be a pro baseball player one day and then dedicated all of my energy to making it happen.

I’ve recently rediscovered my passion for the sport and have started a youth baseball camp that’s focused on putting the fun back into the game.



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